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Education Specialists

William Kankam

English, Mathematics & Science


A Level Biology

Ruth Arevalo-Francis

Maths & Spanish specialist

11+, 13+, SATS, GCSE & A Level

Primary & Secondary Curriculum

Sarah Nightingale

English & Maths Specialist


GCSE & A Level

Amy Clarke

KS1 to KS4

English, Maths & Drama

Undergraduate Level

Leah Peregrine-Lewis

English and History Tuition

Primary Level

Lorin Mc Auley

11+ in Maths & English

KS3 Maths, English & Science

GCSE Maths, English & Science

Mark Dodd

Humanities & French KS1-GCSE

Government & Politics

Law A Level/Undergraduate

Pooja Mehta

Science and Maths Specialist

KS1 - A Level

SATS and Entrance examinations

Francesca Ody

Primary Education Specialist

Maths, English & Science

SATS, 11+ and Entrance exams

Yang Shen

Mandarin Tuition

KS1 to Degree Level

Guzheng Instrumental Tuition

Festus Olatoye

KS2 - KS4 Mathematics & Science

KS3 - A Level ICT/Computing

KS2 SATS Preparation

Maria Lopez Viudez

Spanish Specialist

KS1 - KS3 Maths & English

All areas of Primary Education

Instrumental Specialists

Davina Panjanaden

Music KS3 - A Level

Music Theory Grades 1-5

Pianoforte & Violin Grades 1-8

Beata Hasulyó

Pianoforte Grades 1-8

All ages & abilities

Music Theory

Marika Cassina

Pianoforte Grades 1-8

Music Theory Grades 1-8

Italian - All ages

Danijela Junge

Vocal Training Grades 1-8

Pianoforte Grades 1-5

Emile Junge

Violin Grades 1-8

Pianoforte Grades 1-8

All ages & abilities

Teodor Treska

Violin Grades 1-8

All ages & abilities

Natalia Khaw

Pianoforte Grades 1-8

Music Theory

GCSE Music